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Set up for you alone or in multiplayer with just a few clicks. Discover great maps, plugins and minigames.

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Hero BackgroundHero
Fully customizable
Server ManagementModern Dashboard
Fully customizableWith only a few clicks you can customize your servers and monitor all that is going on. You don't need prior knowledge.Fully customizable
You Call The SlotsSet the slots as you like to have them. We don’t put any artificial limits on the amount of slots you can have.You Call The Slots
Server PluginsChoose from proven plugins or upload your own custom plugins with Joystack Pro.Server Plugins
Exciting MapsYou can upload and download your own maps or discover great maps in the map collection made by other builders.Exciting Maps
Create TemplatesSend others your server projects as a template link with all content and settings to import.Create Templates
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Templates allow you to create a snapshot of your current server, including the world, settings, plugins and appearance, and send it to your crowd.

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Its more fun with plugins

We offer the newest and coolest spigot plugins with a single click. Whatever you wanna do, we have a plugin ready to select.

Secure your projects

Griefer protection

You can create Backups of your servers and manage the list of players that can join your server in the dashboard. And if you want to show your creations to someone you don't trust, then you can send them a template.

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Our discord allows you to find people to play with, get help with your projects, communicate directly with the team behind Joystack and become a part of the Joystack community.

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